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The Progress Test Medizin (PTM) is an interdisciplinary knowledge test for medical students

Progress Tests are feedback oriented assessment tools for the evaluation of development and sustainability of cognitive knowledge during a learning process. They are well established and increasingly used in medical education to assess the development of knowledge during training in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. They allow feedback to students and faculty on a longitudinal measurement base.
The PTM consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (Type A: one best answer), representing a cross-section of the knowledge level expected of graduates on their first day in their professional life. The students take the test regularly (e.g. twice a year) and, according to their individual progress, achieve increasingly better results. Participants are given a continuous, objective feedback for their individual level of knowledge in comparison to the own cohort. At the same time, the PTM allows an overview over the knowledge to be learned right from the beginning of undergraduate education.
The PTM is held at 15 medical faculties in Germany and Austria.
In May 2006 the PTM was shortlisted for the “Ars legendi Award for excellent University Teaching” (Ars legendi-Preis für exzellente Hochschullehre), awarded by the German Rectors’ Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz).