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Progress Test Medizin: Feedback for students and institutions

The Progress Test Medizin (PTM) is one of the few systematic feedback instruments for students of human medicine. It accompanies around 10,000 students from 15 faculties in Germany and Austria through their studies.

Participants are regularly tested on sets of 200 questions at graduate level and are expected to improve their performance as they advance into their degree. In this way, the PTM provides  continuous, objective feedback on their personal level of knowledge compared to their own semester and at the same time enables long-term orientation on the scope of knowledge of the training from the beginning of the study programme. 


  • We introduce the mapping of questions on PROFILES
  • 08.2023: Summary of results of the PT 48
  • 03.2023: Summary of results of the PT 47
  • 07.2022: Summary of results of the PT 46 

Summary of PTs, current topics, research questions can be found in the blog.

Long-term Results

The plots sow the long-term results, both per semester, per Progress Test and semester, and the mean overall difficulty over time.

Long-term Results per Subject and Organ System